Trauma Nursing Care: Current Guidelines

Course Description

This course will provide participants with the required knowledge and skills in the field of nursing trauma care, including initial assessment and management. The course will provide an overview of the current standardized approach to stabilize severely injured multiple trauma patients, including pregnant, pediatric and geriatric patients. The theoretical content will cover epidemiology, biomechanics and mechanisms of injury, and shock, in addition to teaching trainees how to conduct an initial assessment and manage trauma patients with brain, craniofacial, neck, thoracic, abdomen, spinal cord, vertebral column, musculoskeletal, burn, and shock injuries.

The practical content will include skills training focusing on initial assessment and management approach, psychomotor skills, airway and ventilation intervention, spinal immobilization, chest and abdominal procedures, and traction and splinting procedures using the simulation trauma man (Laerdal Inc. Corporation) which includes all trauma nursing-related procedures. This course will emphasize the psychosocial aspects of trauma, stabilization, transfer, and transport of a trauma patient. Participants are expected to become familiar with current trauma nursing care guidelines.

Accrediting Body

Jordanian Nursing Council (JNC)

Contact Hours

24 hours (8 hours per day for three days).

Target participants

This course is designed for registered nurses and paramedics.