Professional Diploma in Quality Improvement for Healthcare Professionals

Course Description:

This course is designed to expand healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skills required in quality improvement. The participants will explore the major concepts of quality improvement and implement and monitor all processes of quality improvement related activities in the hospital’s health and non-health disciplines. Participants will be familiarized in the performance improvement methodologies, and implementing consistent evidence-based quality by using different tools and strategies.

Number of contact hours:

The total theoretical and practicum hours are 450 hours, extended over a nine month period.

  • Theory: 150 hours (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 5 months.
  • Clinical: 300 hours; 38 shifts (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 9 months.

Accrediting Body:

The University of Jordan

Target participants:

The course is designed for:

  • All professional healthcare and non-healthcare providers in medical institutes