Professional Diploma in Emergency Nursing Care

Course Description

This professional diploma is designed to deliver the required knowledge and skills to provide high quality care to patients at the Emergency Department. It includes training of basic to complex needs for the critically ill and injured patients. Trainees will have the opportunity to understand and experience the workings of the Emergency Department, which aims at decreasing patients’ waiting time while attending to the necessary care of urgent, emergent and critically altered patients.

This diploma will assist trainees in building their decision making abilities and critical thinking skills when anticipating patients’ immediate needs and demands in emergent situations. Trainees will learn to focus their knowledge and skills on triage, respiratory therapy and mechanical ventilation, basic and advanced ECG interpretation, basic and advanced cardiac life support, advanced trauma nursing care, wound management, and pain management.

All practical learning will be supervised by a qualified registered emergency nurse preceptor. And so, the trainees will get the chance to provide safe nursing care to critically ill and injured patients in the emergency department.

Number of contact hours

The total theoretical and practicum hours are 450 hours, extended over a nine month period.

  • Theory: 170 hours (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 6 months.
  • Clinical: 280 hours; 35 shifts (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 9 months.

Accrediting Body

The University of Jordan

Target participants:

The course is designed for:

  • Registered nurses working in Emergency Departments and other practice areas.
  • Fourth-year nursing students.