Professional Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

Course Description

This course is designed to include both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical content allows the trainees an opportunity to review the foundation of critical nursing care, ethical and legal issues, critical patients and family education, alterations and management of psychosocial, spiritual, sleep nutrition, and pain. Additionally, this diploma focuses on body systems’ alterations and management. While the practical content, allows the trainees an opportunity to practice nursing care in critical care settings under the supervision of expert preceptors, where patients require complex assessment, intensive therapies, and management.

Number of contact hours

The total theoretical and practicum hours are 450 hours, extended over a nine month period.

  • Theory: 170 hours (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 6 months.
  • Clinical: 280 hours; 35 shifts (8 hours per week, 32 hours per month) for 9 months.

Accrediting Body

The University of Jordan

Target participants

The course is designed for:

  • Nurses in Critical Care Units and other practice areas.
  • Fourth-year nursing students.