Professional Diploma in Clinical Toxicology

Course Description

This course is designed to include both theoretical and practical components in the toxicological principles of toxicants, commonly encountered in Emergency Departments and Poison Control Centers. The theoretical content allows trainees an opportunity to review the fundamental concepts of toxicology which includes signs and symptoms of toxicants once entered the body. Additionally, trainees will be taught how to follow diagnostic procedures confirming diagnosis and treatment based on toxicology clinical practice guidelines and protocols. While the practical content, allows trainees to experience real life scenarios at Poison Centers while dealing with and providing consultation to patients. It also focuses on the proper procedures of documentation and prescribing the required tests for each common toxicants material. As well as, teaching trainees the proper approach to evaluate and manage the most common complications associated with poisoning such as coma, seizures, and shock through providing real scenarios of poisoned patients.

Number of contact hours

The total theoretical and practicum hours are 150 hours, extended over a six month period.

  • Theory: 96 hours (4 hours per week, 16 hours per month) for 6 months.
  • Clinical: 54 hours; 7 working days over a 6 month period.

Accrediting Body

The University of Jordan

Target participants

The course is designed for:

  • Healthcare professionals working at hospitals’ emergency departments, and poison control centers.
  • Pharmacists, nurses, and physicians.