About KETC

Welcome to Al Khalidi Medical and Training Center

We at Al Khalidi Education and Training Center (KETC) are a value driven education and training center for healthcare and non-healthcare providers. Our programs aim at guaranteeing all trainees the proper means to deliver patient safety and high quality patient care at all levels. And so, we are confident to say that the center is a one of a kind facility equipped with the latest technology and know-how to ensure the best available training services.

KETC was initially introduced as an idea by the top management at the Al Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center (KHMC), to meet the market’s demand for the continuous training and education of healthcare professionals, upon finishing their formal educational degree.

Originally KHMC; regularly provided as part of its services; specialized education through its Training and Continuous Education Department. However, the increasing demand for this service highlighted the need to facilitate the market’s requirement.  And so, KETC was born as a separate entity; functioning under the KHMC umbrella with an advantage of benefiting from KHMC’s vast administrative, medical, nursing and allied health experience.

To provide high quality education and evidence based practices to meet the required standard, the center is designed to include the most up to date educational medical tools. This provides the trainees with simulated and staged real life scenarios, challenging them to evaluate their critical thinking and clinical decision making skills. Additionally, this sophisticated technology presents the trainees with a learning opportunity on how to engage with the patient, improving their patient care skills.

KETC is proud to announce that it has brought together a great team of highly qualified professionals who share the core values and goals of the center and are capable of creating a cohesive and interactive learning environment.